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Warning: Fetch My iPhone feature does not require two-factor authentication

THE two factor authentication It's a basic security measure for everyone that has a minimum willingness to stay digitally protected. Of course, you give up a little bit of convenience, but you can relax with the fact that no one can log into your account without owning another of your devices or your phone line (to receive an SMS).

However, a common question is between who enables two-factor authentication on their iCloud account: What if I have my iPhone (or iPad) stolen or lost? How to access the Search My iPhone via Mac or the web, and won't I have that device in hand to receive the authentication code?

This article is there for just that: make it clear once and for all that Apple lets you access Search My iPhone without authentication code Just enter your Apple ID email and password, and the service will be available to you from any browser.

To “go through” two-factor authentication, simply go to iCloud and enter your Apple ID credentials normally (if you are doing this on a public computer, it is a good idea to do so on an anonymous tab). The next screen will ask you for a verification code sent to one of your devices, but you can click on one of the three links at the bottom of the page that do not require authentication: the first is the Search My iPhone page.


Apple offers two other options that can be accessed without two-factor authentication: Apple Pay settings (where you can revoke access from a device instantly) and Apple Watch settings (to unlink the clock from a lost or stolen iPhone. , for example).

Always good to keep that in mind, isn't it? After all, many might be afraid of activating the authentication of two factors just afraid of going through such a situation. Do not worry and activate the feature as it is extremely important.

Soon we will be back with more useful tips. 😉