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Warcraft 3 Reforged disappoints players and has the lowest score of all on Metacritic

Source: BlizzardSource: Blizzard

Last week we had the long-awaited remake of Warcraft III, the Reforged. Many fans have been waiting for this moment since it was announced at BlizzCon 2018, however it was not as most were imagining and this generated many negative reviews about the game. The disappointment was so great that it generated the lowest score given by users of any game on Metacritic, currently at 0.5.

Second user: "Warcraft 3 Reforged is the worst remastering in the history of remasters"

Although the score was very low, the remaster score was not the lowest yet, as the game Day One: Garry's Incident reached 0.4, but then went to second place with 0.7. For comparison, the Metal Gear Survive title has a user rating of 1.2. However, according to user "bob4ever", Warcraft 3 Reforged the "Worst remastering in the history of remasters".

Current score on the Metacritic website. Source: metacriticCurrent score on the Metacritic website. Source: metacritic

In addition to the above report, there were even forced actions on the part of the stadium, where the user "solwltar" says:

"Blizzard deactivated my old version of Warcraft 3 and tried to force me to download an additional 30 GB (my game was only 2 GB). I also heard that you no longer have the option of playing maps that had custom models like Pokmon, Naruto and DBZ not to mention that they removed personalized campaigns and lan games. 0-10 ".

User "Encore 22" reports his disappointment saying:

"Blizzard will have a paragraph in the user contract for this game, that they have exclusive rights to any custom game that is made in this game. Incredibly, shit from one of the companies that used to be my number 1 for miles. This game does not meet the that promises and I'm not even going to start at the price (40 $) than essentially an HD mod. "

There were also, in addition to complaints about forcing the update of the existing title to the new version, changes were made to custom maps, several bugs and the updated UELA. It was also said by several players that the scenes were not updated in the same way as the intro was shown. However, some people said they didn't care about the new menus, while others expected more dialogues, but Blizzard has already ruled out the possibility of rewriting the story, and even users have come up complaining that the original voices had to be used.

After announcing Diablo Immortal and the Blitzchung case, Blizzard could have rebuilt itself with Warcraft 3 Reforged, but that's not what happened.

Source: PC Gamer

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