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Want to stay up to date with digital video game events? E3Recap 2020 “Quarentine Edition” helps

More than a date aggregator, in a kind of agenda for all digital events that are taking place in the last weeks, and that will extend throughout the summer, E3Recap 2020 Quarentine Edition also includes all trailers and information relevant video games that are revealed and shown during presentations.

The initiative is the responsibility of two young people, who since 2014 have shared all information about the new games and registered the trailers shown on a single page, for easy reference. Our initial plan was to jump this year until 2021, to continue E3Recap. But we received a lot of messages from users asking to do this year. That is why they put their hands together, gathering all the information fragmented by the various events dedicated to video games.

tek website of the day

The website is very practical, being able to search for a game and if there is something related scheduled or a card with information, platforms and even trailers has already been listed. You can list all the events, access the next one, among other filters that help to discover the gaming news.