Want to share the cost of a trip? Meet Tripda, a platform focused on hitchhiking

Want to share the cost of a trip? Meet Tripda, a platform focused on hitchhiking

What is not lacking in the App Store are apps that make life easier for anyone who wants to call a taxi (like ResolveA and Taxibeat) or competing services (like Uber). But now there is also an option that makes life very easy for anyone who wants to give / receive the good old ride: o Tripda.

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It all started as an online hitchhiking platform, connecting drivers and passengers, expanding the use of cars, reducing the number of cars on the streets / roads, contributing to the environment and, of course, making the trip cost cheaper for both those who of the ride and for those who receive the final cost of travel divided between the parties.

We cannot deny that something bold, after all, is not easy to integrate people who have never seen themselves on a hitchhiking platform. Not to mention the security issue involved. The first challenge depends exclusively on the mentality of people to understand that, if things continue as they are, in a little while nobody can walk on the street because of the number of cars. It is a new model that confronts the individualistic culture that prevails in Brazil and in many other countries.

To circumvent the security part, Tripda suggests that passengers and drivers share some data such as Facebook profiles, emails and phones. In addition, the app has a system for evaluating drivers and passengers. There is also an option called “S for them” that, as its name implies, is reserved for women who only want to offer rides to other women.

Pretty cool, right? We are rooting for Tripda to pick up and consolidate!