Want to send music from one iGadget to another via AirDrop? There’s an app for that!

There are basic things that, even in its seventh (or eighth, soon) version, iOS still does not allow you, for example, to take any file and send / copy it however you want. Fortunately, there are solutions in the App Store that cover these “holes” left by Apple.

One of the most recent Music2Go, created by the Brazilian Rocha Software.

Music2Go on iGadgets

With this app you can upload any song (or entire album) from your library iGadget to another, via AirDrop. With the future arrival of OS X Yosemite, this sharing can also take place between iPads or iPhones / iPods touch and Macs. Alternatively, you can also send music via email or iMessage.

Other cool features of Music2Go are that it serves as a music player and allows you to download music from any website including your webmail.

Right away you can think about piracy issues, but Andr Rocha, developer of the app, explains that the illegal use of the app depends on each one. There are, in fact, thousands of free / free sources on the internet, not to mention that Music2Go can be used to make backups or even for artists / bands / DJs to distribute their own works in a simple and fast way.

The only critical point is that, even though it is Brazilian, Music2Go is not yet in Portuguese. But Andr has already promised a future update that will add support for our language and several others.

Sorry, app not found.

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