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Want to save? Check out our list of the best free calling apps

Our Android smartphones have more and more features and possibilities, including making free internet phone calls or cheaper prices. It is true that we do not always have WiFi available and that data packets can be more expensive than calling, however, to talk to friends abroad or in other states, these apps are the best in the Play Store at the moment.

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Google Duo – Uneconomical and below average quality

One of the great advantages of the Duo over the competition is that the application has few functions and a minimalist user interface. Despite Google's promise that the Duo works on good and bad connections, the app's experience on problem connections is awful. And that is really frustrating. Because the service is recent, Big G should improve it in future updates.

The data plan consumption per connection is really high. Using the 4G connection, in a conversation of just under five minutes, 161MB of the plan was consumed. This is without the "mobile data usage limit" enabled.

duo call
Google Duo has good quality calls / AndroidPIT

IMO – good quality but unpopular

IMO is an old application that has undergone numerous transformations. Currently, the app's flagship voice calling feature which, by the way, behaved very well during our tests. The call quality is very good, especially on Wi-Fi. To register you need to enter the phone number, and IMO allows calls to be made via VoIP to phone numbers.

imo voice call
IMO's main feature is voice calls / AndroidPIT

imo Video Call & Chat
Install on Google Play

WhatsApp – the most popular, with reasonable quality

It's been a while since voice calls came to WhatsApp. Definitely, the strength of the application is that the user has many contacts, since we are talking about the most used messenger in the world. On the other hand, calls made by WhatsApp do not have good stability, meaning I need to be connected to a high quality network for the call to be reasonable.

whatsapp voice call
It's been a while since voice calls came to WhatsApp / AndroidPIT

WhatsApp Messenger
Install on Google Play

Skype – the best of the moment

Most famous of all, Skype remains a great option for VoIP and video calling. Voice and video calls are free between users, and many people have Skype installed, either on their PC or on their smartphone.

You can also buy credit to make calls to landlines or mobile phones, usually at a much lower price than that practiced by operators. Skype underscores WhatsApp's practicality with the added quality of calls, which is the highlight of Microsoft's service.

skype voice call
Skype is the best app for voice and video calling / AndroidPIT

Skype – IM and free video calls
Install on Google Play

Viber – calls with great quality

Probably the simplest and most intuitive of all. When you open the app, enter your phone number and an SMS arrives to validate and Viber is ready to use. As based on your mobile phone, it can identify which of your contacts have a Viber account and indicates it directly.

In addition to VoIP calls, it also exchanges text messages. Just like Skype, you can also buy landline and mobile calling credits. Call quality is on par with Skype, by the way.

viber voice call
Viber has good call quality / AndroidPIT

Install on Google Play

Hangouts – best for group calling and live streaming

Google's chat and call app, which also allows you to purchase phone call credits. In addition to exchanging messages with other users, you can also create chat groups, video calls (individual and group) and manage SMS.

Hangouts are integrated into all Google services, such as YouTube, where users can stream group video calls in real time. best for this kind of activity, beating Periscope, including Twitter, that an app dedicated to live streaming.

hangouts voice call apps
Hangouts the best for group calling / AndroidPIT

Install on Google Play

Kakao Talk – Good But Limited

Not as famous as before, Kakao allows you to send text messages, images, videos, voice clips, location, individual and group VoIP calls. The big problem is the lack of users, but the application invitation system is simple and functional.

One point worth noting: the quality of voice calls is very good. Like Viber, you need a mobile number to use the app, and it also recognizes Kakao users in your contacts.

kakao app voice call
Good but very limited Kakao / AndroidPIT

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text
Install on Google Play

Line – reasonable quality calls

The Japanese app has an extensive library and emoji store, messaging, voice calls and even a Timeline, similar to Facebook. It is very fast and simple to use, but has few users. You can buy or earn credits by downloading and installing sponsored apps. The quality of the calls is WhatsApp level, that is, they are quite reasonable.

line voice call
Line has razovel quality calls / AndroidPIT

LINE: Call and Free Conversation
Install on Google Play

What's your favorite free calling app?

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