Want to recover deleted contacts from your phone? Meet FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Imagine that moment when you accidentally simply deleted all your contacts from your calendar because you inadvertently hit the "delete" button. After that, the first thought: "I need to get this back now." Lucky for you, there is a service to it. FonePaw Android Data Recovery recovers your contacts and other lost files quickly and securely. Learn how this service can do all the recovery work for you and improve your experience with your Android.

The fact that we have a program that helps to find lost or deleted contacts is essential. However, it is even more important to have easy-to-install software with a user-friendly interface that does not require much time to retrieve lost contacts.

With FonePaw Android Data Recovery, recovering lost or deleted contacts is an easy task.

To do so, we recommend FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The program works quickly and effectively when it comes to retrieving contacts, call logs, videos, audio files, photos, text messages, lost or deleted documents and more.

recover lost contacts from android
Recovering lost or deleted contacts is easy with a quality program / FonePaw

FonePaw Android Data Recovery works on multiple platforms and on a variety of devices. The range of Android smartphones and tablets really wide. The manufacturers include Sony, Google, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, HTC, Acer, and others.

How to find your contacts with Android Data Recovery

The first thing you need to know is that it is really simple to recover your files and contacts with FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Using one of the links below, you can download the application:

FonePaw requires root access and automatically passes this during the first few setups. Therefore, be aware that you may lose your smartphone warranty in this process, as some manufacturers still consider root to be a procedure that determines the warranty breach.

connect android to pc
what the home screen should look like after installing the software / FonePaw

Connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your computer. After that, enable USB debugging on your smartphone.

Please note at this time, as enabling UBS debugging will vary depending on the Android version of your device. So correctly check how this process should be done on your device.

If your device is not recognized immediately, you will have to do the process manually. But this is simple: Just add the name of your manufacturer, device and model to a list already offered by the service.

Once your device is recognized and analyzed, you will have a screen like the one below:

select android data
Choose the type of file you want to recover, in this case contacts, and FonePaw Android Data Recovery will scan your device / FonePaw

Now you just have to choose the type of file you want to recover – in this case contacts – and FonePaw Android Data Recovery will scan your device. This process may take a few minutes and it will depend on the amount of contacts you are trying to retrieve.

scanning android device
After scanning, the system will start recovering your contacts / FonePaw

Once FonePaw Android Data Recovery finishes the process, you will have your contacts back thanks to your Android's lost contact recovery system.

As stated above, FonePaw Android Data Recovery works across different platforms and across a wide range of smartphones and manufacturers. So if you want to recover contacts and other accidentally deleted files, please download this software and get your data back.

Visit the FonePaw Android Data Recovery website for more information about the software.

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