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Want to protect your Android apps? Then need the APP Lock

O APP Lock for Android It is a free application that allows you to block specific functions and applications of your smartphone by creating passwords.

With many of us using handsets to access email and other accounts and increasingly store sensitive data on our smartphones and tablets, App Lock is a great solution to enhance security. For those who want more privacy, we recommend users of the Android operating system to use this app.

The first time we open the app, APP Lock asks you to enter an unlock password. It is advisable to use multiple digits – preferably alphanumeric passwords – to protect your data. If you prefer, you can now use a default password. The next step is to ask a security question and answer that will be used if you forget the password.

The elegant and intuitive interface makes protecting your data easy, even for inexperienced users. APP Lock lists alphabetically all applications installed on your mobile device by simply navigating them and switching protection to specific applications when needed. You can also use the search bar to quickly find an app. Alternatively, you can lock all applications by clicking on the corresponding option at the bottom of the screen.

To activate the program, simply download and install it normally. So when you open the app, it will list all apps that are on your smartphone or tablet and that are compatible with the App Lock service. You can add passwords to each of the apps, or choose Lock All, which blocks all at the same time.

The App Lock is no substitute for security on your Android device. However, great for all users who want to block access to specific applications without the inconvenience of a master password.


Download APP Lock for Android

To download the APP Lock app from the Google Play Store, click the link below or scan the barcode with your mobile device.

APP Lock

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(Images: Google Play Store)

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