Want to launch a satellite? SpaceX already has a transport services page on Falcon 9

At a time when SpaceX remains committed to refining its Crew Dragon to launch manned mission tests, the company has decided to offer new space transport services to its customers. It is an online satellite transport acquisition tool on board Falcon 9. The service is aimed at companies that need to launch small satellites for orbit, but do not have the budget to rent the complete rocket service, the value of which can reach several tens of millions of dollars.

Thus, companies can pay a corn for a capacity of 200 kg of cargo, adding 5,000 dollars for each additional kilo in transportation. The online tool calculates the value of the service according to the needs of the customers, namely the orbital positioning: heliosynchronous, polar orbit and lower terrestrial orbit (less than 2,000 km).

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Then you can set the date, depending on availability, making it possible to establish services on the calendar until 2043. Finally, to complete the budget, just mention the weight of the cargo in kilograms. When you finish filling out these initial data, all the planned flights are listed, the respective next dates and the capacity still available so that you can complete the process, through the associated budget. Note that the service will only start in the next month of June.

Finally, customers can add some extra services available. They can request fuel for their satellite, register an insurance application to safeguard the mission (up to 2 million dollars), or even access additional electrical current in the orbit equipment release system.