Screenshot do app Union - Combine & Edit Photos

Want to download the Union app (which costs $ 2) for free? We teach how!

The application Union (tool for combining, mixing and editing photos) has already gone on sale and even cost US $ 1, but it was never distributed for free. Now, however, you can download it without spending a penny. How? We explain.

The first thing you should do is download the app Apple Store, if you don't already have it:

Apple Store app icon

Inside it, tap on the "Stores" tab at the bottom, scroll down to the bottom and slide (from right to left) in order to view the second highlight, as shown in the images below:

Then tap the Union icon and you will be taken to a page about the app, which costs $ 2 on the App Store:

Union app icon - Combine & Edit Photos

Use Union image matching techniques to create true works of art. Add texture, overlays and other images to your photos and use the intuitive tool palette and brushes to make fine adjustments.

Okay, now touch the green banner “Download free”. You will be taken to the screen to redeem promotional codes on the App Store. Just tap the “Redeem” button to guarantee the app without paying anything.

Remembering that there is no point in going directly to the App Store and downloading Union, as you will be charged. It is free only if you download it from within the Apple Store app.

(tip from Rafael Paiva)