Want to download a file from your iPhone but can't? The Transloader app “solves” this problem

IOS, by design, is a closed system. On the one hand, especially in terms of security, this is great; on the other, a big nuisance. There is, for example, a way to download files simply by visiting a page and downloading everything via a link, as in OS X. Thinking about it, the developer Matthias Gansrigler created the Transloader.

Transloader app for iOS and OS X

With this app we can make downloads on our Mac, but adding everything remotely via iPad or iPhone / iPod touch. Who never wanted to download something while browsing the iPhone and forgot to do it later, when sitting at the computer? precisely this gap that the Transloader fills.

It works like this: you copy the desired download URL, open the iOS app and paste it. Doing this, the download of the file in question is carried out automatically on your Mac. The cool thing is that you know exactly how the download progress is on the iPhone (if it is still rolling or if it is finished).

See the video demonstration below:

If you no longer have the iOS app open, you will receive a notification push informing if everything ended well or if there was any failure. And for those running iOS 8 (most of you), everything is even easier with the Transloader extension for Safari. Just open the page with the file you want to download, tap the share button and choose the option “Inspect with Transloader”.

A hand on the wheel, right ?!

Transloader app icon

Transloader app icon

(via Beautiful Pixels)