Want to book hotels?  Search Google Maps!

Want to book hotels? Search Google Maps!

Searching for hotels has always been a tedious thing. We had to go to vertical search sites for tour packages or travel, but there was no place, where everything was centralized, where information from all vertical search sites (or at least most of them) was found.

I, in particular, believed that Google would acquire a vertical search site for travel package quotes and hotel room rates. However, today, I learned that Google Maps is already taking us to vertical search sites in an easy and discreet way.

For example: if I want to go to New York. I go to Google Maps.com and type “hotel near New York”. Several indications of hotels will appear and already have check-in and check-out dates, which can be changed by the user. Next to the hotel names, daily rates will appear. If you click on them, a box will appear with links to the various vertical hotel search sites.

It seemed to me that this could be the way of presenting the search for airline tickets, to be implemented, if the purchase of ITA Software is approved.

Via: tnooz