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Want to become a developer? So take this advice from Apple's software boss

If there's one person who is known to be Apple's "good guy" at his events, Craig Federighi. Ma's senior vice president of software engineering is always in a good mood at presentations, aiming and moving plays with his famous tuft, and is always willing to take pictures and talk to anyone who asks for a minute of your attention.

This time, the request came by email. The user u / Aedengeofrom Reddit sent a message to Federighi with some suggestions and comments about the future iOS 14. But he took the opportunity to ask a pertinent question:

Do you have any advice for young aspirants whose dream of becoming a programmer in companies like Apple?

Craig Federighis message to young aspirants pursuing Software Development

Well, that's the kind of question he wouldn't let go of, after all, something like that can only help people and doesn't compromise Ma's future plans at all.

Below is the executive's answer (our free translation):

There are many different roads to this destination I think the important thing for me was this:

– Dedicate yourself to your studies: There is a lot of knowledge available to you at the university so enjoy this special opportunity.

V broadly and deeply: You need to be an expert in your area, but inspiration comes from other disciplines. In addition, engineering and design are team activities; Therefore, find opportunities to continue your development of written and spoken communication.

– Work with great people: My biggest learnings came from working with people whose work I admire.

Follow your heart: Several times along the way I was forced to choose between options that looked good "on paper" (that, to my analytical mind) and opportunities that "seemed right." Listening to my heart worked out in a way I could not have anticipated at the time.

I hope this helps!

– craig

I think it is important to emphasize the first sentence of his answer: There is no single, universal path that everyone needs to follow in order to succeed in their goal. That said, we are definitely getting advice from one of Apple's top executives.

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