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Want 256GB RAM on iMac Pro? Only at the time of purchase, even

Last week, the same day it updated its iMacs, Apple also offered a new customization option for the iMacs. iMac Pro with at 256GB RAM.

The price, of course, astronomical: $ 5,200 in the United States, $ 41,600 here in Brazil.

So far, rather hilarious but no surprise. Apple traditionally charges (very) expensive for RAM as well as SSD, it is said, and 256GB of memory is not for anyone. Already it would be very expensive even charging a fair price for the upgrade.

The biggest problem is that even though iMac Pro RAM can be upgraded, this will not apply to this specific 256GB upgrade. The information was shared by Apple itself with its stores and Authorized Service Centers, as found by the MacRumors.

Apparently, to support the four 64GB combs, the iMac Pro requires some kind of internal change that can only be made by Apple at the time of purchase. That is, who wants the 256GB of RAM can do it "on the outside" after.

Up to 128GB, of course, this is perfectly possible. Also, just yesterday Other World Computing announced its 128GB kit for the standard 5K Retina display iMacs: It will charge $ 1,100 for the four 32GB combs, while Apple s officially goes up to 64GB and charges $ 1,000 for it (at OWC, the 64GB upgrade costs $ 580). Heh.