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Walter Isaacson softened words of Steve Jobs about Tim Cook in biography

Steve Jobs It was never exactly known for being the guy more restrained in the world. When the question was of his colleagues at Apple, however, he was always a gentleman at because, of course, to shield its executives meant to protect the company itself. In particular, however, this behavior was not as present anyway referring to future CEO Ma.

In a recent interview on "Squawk Box", gives CNBCThe biographer of Jobs, Walter Isaacson, Claimed to have "softened" some Apple co-founder of the statements in relation to Tim cook. According to Isaacson, Jobs said Cook was “not a product guy,” even though he could do everything inside Ma.

I softened a bit in the book in the book, Steve talks about how Cook can do everything. But in a moment he looked at me and said, "but Tim in a person of the products."

Walter Isaacson

The bigographer followed, stating that he chose to leave out some of these harsher criticisms because they come from “someone he loves,” balancing the need to inform his readers with the possibility that they would have to hurt someone. Still, as noted Benjamin Mayo, the 9to5MacThe criticism about Cook will not be "an expensive product" is there in the book, yes:

"Isaacson's statement makes it sound like he didn't post Jobs's comment on Cook in the biography because he thought it was so cruel, but the quote from 'Tim is not a product guy' is definitely written there."

Isaacson also said in the interview on the almost simbitica relationship between Jobs and Jony Ive. According to the mustache, they had a daily ritual at Cupertino, in which Jobs would enter the top-secret laboratory of the company's design core and ask all professionals to leave, leaving him alone with Ive. They then sat at a table and discussed absolutely every aspect of product design created that day: "They felt not only the telephone, but the plug, the inputs, the way the wires coiled over things." said the writer.

The last years of Jony Ive at Apple

About polmica matter of Wall Street Journal, which has exposed Ive's alleged disinterest in Apple products for the past three years, Isaacson commented that everything sounds true, saying that Cook has not specifically denied anything written in the report and that Ive has not commented on it.

The biographer, incidentally, remains a major critic of Apple under Cook's command. According to Isaacson, the only design really excellent created by Ma in the last 15 years was the Apple Park: “Jony Ive and Steve Jobs made sure to know every curve of each pane of glass, and because of that wonderful circular building, there is not a single piece of straight glass beyond that level of detail.”

The rumors about Ive flocking to architecture are corroborated by the writer: According to Isaacson, because of his obsession with raising Apple Park as perfectly as possible, perhaps even as a tribute to Jobs, Ive set aside other products. from the company. For example: Apple TV It was a product Jobs had been talking about for over a decade, but Ma has been postponing the evolution of the equipment so that only now, with the established market, is it gaining any attention from the company.

I think they could have created a wonderful Apple TV, a product that fully integrated the hardware, software and content. That's what Steve did in all other segments that he came, from iPhone to iPod. They could have created a camera that would really an amazing piece of design.

Walter Isaacson

A part of Isaacson interview can be seen in this video:

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via AppleInsider