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Wallpaper Calendar 2.0

Given the hundreds of requests, we are pleased to present to all our readers the newest version of the application Wallpaper Calendar, after 3 years of the first version. With it, you can put the calendar of the month in the image you want and always have it at your fingertips, without even having to unlock the device’s screen.

Know now a little of its history and how it works.

Calendar Wallpaper 2

Calendar always at hand

The idea was born from a custom that we had here on the Blog of making available background images with a calendar at the beginning of the month, to facilitate the visualization of those who use the calendar a lot. But there was always that problem: not everyone wanted to use the images we chose in the background and many asked us to apply the calendar to other images. As it is impossible to please everyone, we thought of a solution that would facilitate the application of calendars in different images, made by the user himself. It was there that the idea of make an application available to readers.

That was how the first Wallpaper Calendar, on January 1st, 2010. The launch was a success and in 15 days it had more than 10,000 downloads worldwide, something not very easy at that time.

Throughout the year, the reviews were fantastic and the thousands of downloads proved its success in several countries, by people who didn’t even understand Portuguese (the app’s unique language). But he had a big problem: it only worked for the year 2010.

Then came the iPhone 4 with its Retina screen and the difficulties in updating the app were increasing, mainly because the creating applications it was never the objective of this blog, and to commit to it would mean to leave aside the search for news and news. We had the idea ready in the head for a new and completely redesigned version, but we would need to stop everything we did to put it into practice. With that, he was in limbo for a long time.

And even abandoned, the downloads continued. In May this year, to give you an idea, 513 downloads, which shows that many people are looking for this type of service. Occasionally, there was always a reader who asked us heartily to return with the application.

It was then that we decided to get our hands dirty and redo it, from scratch, facing the new difficulties.

New appliances, new challenges

Making such an app in 2010 was very easy, as there were only a format of screen. Today, in 2013, 5 different formats: iPhone 3GS, iPhone Retina 3.5 inch, 4 inch, iPad 2 screen and iPad Retina screen. How to make available an application that meets all these different devices?

And more: there were several suggestions from our readers that we wanted to put into practice:

– possibility to adjust the transparency of the calendar (depending on the clarity of the image); – preview of the image before saving it on the camera roll; – possibility to create calendars of several years and not just one; – modernize the interface .

Fortunately we have a silver house who decided to face the challenge. The developer and member of our team Chrystiano de Castro (@_Chrystiano) embraced the project and went after all possible solutions to turn the dream into reality. He knew how to turn an idea on paper into a final app, surprisingly. ?

And since it is a brand new app, it has been published again on the App Store. That is, who still had the old one, will have to download version 2.0 again. The other, thus, remains as a collector’s object. ?

New Calendar Wallpaper 2.0

The application brings several improvements over the first. We reduced the interface as much as we could, following the line of simplicity. Right away, the user has the button available to import the desired image directly from the device’s photo album, without distractions.

Importing image

With the proper image imported, the button to apply the desired calendar appears at the top of the screen. Touching it, the calendar with the current month appears, allowing you to change it to another month. The first time you run the application, a quick tutorial explains what to do.

Applying the calendar

We managed to implement the idea of ​​regulating the transparency of the calendar, for the user to adjust. Notice that the button has that effect skeumorphic which changes as you move the viewing angle in relation to the device (see more here).

At this point, you can also preview the image in real time as it will appear on the device’s locked screen, as the original bars are there. ?


Once ready, you can touch the third and last button, which the image will be saved to your camera roll. As you already know, Apple does not allow applications to interfere with System Settings and that is why our app has no way to automatically apply the screen background. You will have to do this manually, in Adjustments> Brightness and Background Image.


So, you will have the calendar of the month always at hand, without even having to unlock the screen of the device! ?

If you need cool images, you can search here.

Secure your gift right now

We made a decision that is likely to be controversial for some, but we have our reasons for that. Due to the success he has made, he will be a paid app for the rest of the world. But take it easy, because we want to give it to you as a gift and we have thought of a way to directly benefit our readers, without other foreigners taking advantage of it.

THE Calendar Wallpaper 2 is available, for now, only in Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil and Portugal, for free for a few days. Soon, we plan to launch in other countries as well, for the price of $ 0.99.

We know that the controversy will come from those who only have an account on the American App Store, but there is no reason for them not to open an account for free in Brazil. Our decision is final and we think that it will directly benefit our most loyal readers, who will be able to enjoy and download it for free. ?

So enjoy and download now! And don’t forget to rate our app there on the App Store!

Calendar Wallpaper 2

Future updates

We have already seen that we can further improve the application and next week we have a new update with adjustments. Many of you helped with suggestions to create this new version and that is why we are listening to your opinions about it, to improve the Wallpaper Calendar. All your suggestions can be made here in the comments.

PS: we really want to make an iPad version, but this is more complicated. But we will keep trying and soon we will have news. ?

PS 2: next week we have an even bigger gift. ?