Wall Street Journal says new iPhones will come with USB-C connector instead of Lightning

Controversy: Wall Street Journal says new iPhones will come with USB-C connector instead of Lightning

The time has come for Wall Street Journal to talk about the «IPhone 8». And although the vehicle basically confirms much of what we have already discussed here about the future launch of Apple (OLED screen, Touch ID incorporated into the display in that likely new functional area, etc.), something quite polemic and that generates many doubts, even coming from a vehicle with a traditional Apple leak, it was also commented on by them. Ready?

According to the newspaper, Apple change the connector Lightning fur USB-C not only on ?iPhone 8?, but also on the other two models that she will launch in 2017 (?iPhone 7s? and ?iPhone 7s Plus?). Hardly anything like that would be taken seriously (at least by me) if it were divulged by some other vehicle (as DigiTimes) or an analyst (with the exception of Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities, who has an enviable track record of success). But coming from WSJ, something we have to take into consideration.

Lightning vs. USB-C

It is a fact that Apple switched the 30-pin connector for Lightning in 2012, when it launched the iPhone 5. If on the one hand making a new migration of these just five years after the introduction of Lightning is highly questionable and it will certainly leave many users frustrated / annoyed (after investing in various accessories that use the connector), the adoption of USB-C on the MacBook and MacBook Pro (goodbye, MagSafe) shows us that Apple has indeed embraced technology. Therefore, it would not be absurd to see such a change again being implemented in iPhones and iPads, in order to make the use of peripherals and accessories even wider in the company’s ecosystem.

Another, less «aggressive» possibility, would be for Apple to simply change the other end of the USB cable that came with the iPhone (it would become a Lightning for USB-C, therefore) and also the connector of its plug adapter. So, anyone who wanted / needed to connect these future iPhones to Macs / PCs without a USB-C port would have to purchase a Lightning to USB-A cable separately.

Would you, iPhone and / or iPad user, like to see such a change?

(via MacRumors)