Esperando o Smart Controller da DJI baixar de preço? Aumentou US$100

Waiting for DJI Smart Controller to drop in price? Increased $ 100

very common after some time in the market technology products receive price cuts, a natural process of passing, among the reasons the optimization that the assembly line suffers becoming more productive and cheap, the product loses the appeal of novelty. , market competition, among other points are among the reasons for these price cuts.

But there is a company that does not "suffer from this problem", we are talking about DJI, the leader in the drone segment, and by the way, by her own right, that she was able to create high quality products in the face of competition and win the customer like no other company has yet. To get a sense of how representative she is in this segment, DJI still owns over 70% of the world market According to data from 2018, they are absurdly high numbers. Yes, we must also highlight the lack of capacity of competitors and also companies seeking this growing market.

Going back to DJI, as it holds a very large market share and has no competition for the height of many of its models, it naturally does not need to make price cuts in order to "keep" selling its products, especially if the product is not. have competitors in it? Mavic 2 drones are examples of this situation, they are certainly among the best ever released, we have said this a number of times during our reviews and comparisons, fortunately the news today is not an increase in the price of Mavic 2 drones, but the your control with integrated display.

In early 2019 the company launched the Smart controller for the price of $ 649, a specific control for the Mavic 2 line drones that eliminates the need for the original control and, especially a smartphone, as the Smart Controller comes with an integrated display, along with the Android operating system and unique features, a "device". "Interesting for those who have a compatible drone, especially for enthusiastic users. Well, as has happened in other cases, without warning and specific control, it cost $ 100 more at the company's official $ 749 webstore, for fees, yes, just for control.

This is a classic example of lack of competition, today few companies in the market can behave this way when we talk about technology, DJI has managed to become a reference and maintain a high quality level with good advances in its new products, providing maintain or even increase. prices of your products. Smart Controller is a niche product, a small percentage of users will buy the controller, but this has happened in other cases like the Mavic 2 Fly More Combo, which was launched at a price "below" for a few months, it has gone up considerably and perhaps because of customer pressure, it currently costs the same price as its launch again, $ 379.

Tomorrow we will have a new company announcement, this is the action cam DJI Osmo ActionIt is a direct competitor of GoPro models, which depending on price may put too much pressure on the company that has been having good sales with the HERO 7 line.


Camera information leaked before announcement on Wednesday, Wednesday

We also remember that Osmo Pocket was launched for US $ 349, US $ 50 lower than HERO 7 Black, since Pocket has a mechanical gimbal system and, theoretically in my opinion, can mean a higher production cost, being So it wouldn't come as a surprise if DJI's new Osmo Action is launched at the same or even lower price, ally, and a host of technologies as good as GoPro's top camera, will make the action cam leader the company run much more than it had been doing in the advance of their products.

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