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Vysor – How to use your Android from your computer

Vysor is an application that allows you to use your smartphone directly from your computer screen. Its developer, Koushik Dutta, co-founder of Cyanogen Inc and part of the ClockworkMod developer team. Vysor already has history and a reputation of over 20,000 users per day. Know all the advantages of the app here.

What and how does Vysor work?

Vysor is an extension for Chrome, as well as an application for your smartphone, that combine with s so that the user can control the smartphone through the computer screen, either a PC or a Mac, with a keyboard and mouse. The communication between the device and the computer is made by a USB cable.

androidpit vysor 01
Control smartphones from your computer / ANDROIDPIT

The user has two options for using Vysor: one free and one paid. In the free version, it is possible to control the device, or even more than one, through a USB cable, with a modest resolution and make screen captures. With the paid version, or pro version, the resolution with which we see smartphones on the computer is much higher quality, and you can see the full screen and move files by dragging them from side to side. The connection in this mode can be done using a Wi-Fi network without the need for a USB cable.

How to install Vysor?

To use Vysor, I must first install the app on your device, then enable USB debugging on it. For this go to Developer Options (to enable developer options go to Settings> About the phone. Then go to version number and click on it 7 times in a row) > USB Debugging> Enable.

Downloading the app, I need to install the Vysor Chrome extension on your computer. I need to have Google browser Chrome installed to enjoy Vysor. If you use the Windows system, you also need to install drivers for ADB.

Once everything is in order, plug a device, with USB debugging enabled, into your computer and in just seconds, see your device screen on your desktop.

How to control your smartphone with Vysor

Using your smartphone from the computer screen is very easy. The mouse arrow would be your finger. You can create a shortcut on your computer's home screen to make it easy to start each time you want to access the program.

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Like another screen on your computer. Very practical! / ANDROIDPIT

In the application start screen on the computer you can change the resolution quality (pro version only), share devices and activate the Android keyboard.

At the top of the window we have some options like taking screenshots, turning the volume up or down, rotating the screen and pressing the power button to unlock the device. With Vysor, you no longer need to take your eye off your computer to see your notifications, or even control your Clash Royale game.

And what did you think? Would you trade WhatsApp Web for Vysor?

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