Voting TeK: DTT, only later

Launched at the end of last month, DTT is already a reality for 40 percent of the population, which does not mean that a new attractive and tempting alternative was born in the face of offers such as cable or IPTV, which already provide digital television services, with high definition channels the mix.

In the future, DTT will have to be a mix of paid channels and free access channels (two more than the current 4). Today it is not yet. It has to offer only four channels and a set of features, which are also available in some competing offers, supported by different technologies (such as the possibility to record, stop or restart programs, electronic program guide, etc.).

For those who do not subscribe to any of these services, entering DTT undoubtedly means a huge improvement in the image and sound quality, but it is necessary to analyze the cost issue. If it is true that access to the four channels is free, it is also true that to get there you need a compatible TV or set-top box.

In Portuguese stores there is already a varied offer of TVs compatible with the combination DVB-T / MPEG 4 – H264. The cheapest options are around 300 euros, but the average price is close to 1,000 euros. Decoders are a cheaper option, although for now also with less choice.

There are basic products (that do not allow recording programs and other features that require disk space) with prices around 90 euros, while hard disk boxes cost around 150 euros.

Knowing that in the coming months the arrival of more product to the market will significantly lower the price, both of TVs and decoders, and that at the date of the “shutdown” of analogue TV, PT, which provides the service, will be subsidizing boxes with basic functionalities, at least for needy groups of the population, we asked our readers what motivation they had to enter DTT right now.

DTT voting results

1807 readers responded to the challenge but only a minority are available to invest in one of the possible ways of accessing new technology, 9 percent. Most of the responses were distributed through No, which reflects the lack of interest in access to technology and the willingness to wait until equipment prices are more appealing, or some form of subsidization is available. At the time we captured the results, there was even a tie between the two voting hypotheses (46 percent), a result that is due to rounding numbers at the time of capture, but which is conclusive.

It is important to mention that PT itself presented at the time it detailed its proposal for the DTT service an estimate of prices for the boxes that give access to the service, pointing to a value of 50 euros (for basic equipment).

Editor’s Note: The analysis of the TeK Polls does not aim to make a rigorous and extrapolable statistical assessment for the national reality of each topic, representing only the opinion of the readers who voluntarily responded to the survey.

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