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VORTAL implements innovative hiring technology in Slovenia

VORTAL, a company specialized in electronic contracting, secured yet another important contract in Slovenia, this time in its capital Ljubljana. The company will implement an integrated electronic public procurement solution. According to the statement, the VORTAL platform stood out for being the most technologically advanced solution, allowing the city of Ljubljana to implement the most innovative contracting procedures, namely Dynamic Acquisition Systems.

As he explains, his system allows purchases to be made in an expedited way, reinforcing the principles of transparency and ensuring a greater inclusion of companies in these public procurement procedures.

This agreement appears in a context that the company refers to as challenging, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which allows companies to take another leap in the digital path, as well as public entities, in order to guarantee the continuity of their business and services to citizens. Electronic contracting solutions prove to be a strong ally of companies at a time when buying well and selling more assumes a critical relevance in the sustainability of businesses.

VORTAL has a community of more than 350 thousand companies and public entities, both in Europe and Latin America, adding that it intends to grow in two digits until the end of 2020.