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VoLTE: iOS 12.2 Enables 4G Calling on Claro Network

If you are a customer of sure and have an iPhone, you may have noticed something new after upgrading your phone to iOS 12.2. I speak of Come back (Voice over LTE which in practice uses the 4G network to make calls when necessary). On paper, technology makes voice quality better, offers more speed to complete calls and allows the user to continue browsing 4G networks during a call.

Come back

Our reader Cesar Augusto Salami, for example, was one of those who noticed and warned us about the novelty, accessible in Cellular Settings Opes Cellular Data. However, for such a feature to work, the support of the telephone operator is essential. And Claro is doing her part.

As reported by TecnoblogClaro released calls via 4G (currently under test) for some users who upgraded the iPhone to iOS 12.2 in parallel, also updating the carrier profile.

To the site, Claro gave the following statement:

Claro often adds new technologies and features to its network. The operator is conducting tests with VoLTE (Voice over LTE), and in some regions of the country, technology may already be available as long as the smartphone supports it. Once we have the functionality available across the network and on a definitive basis, we will inform our customers.

Still according to Tecnoblog, Claro is the third Brazilian operator to use VoLTE TIM was the first and today has the resource available in more than 2 thousand cities; Vivo, in turn, offers VoLTE in 39 cities.

Yesterday, we also reported that Claro is releasing this week support for eSIM for smartphones.