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Smartphones represent a major change in terms of man's interaction with the machine. After all, they are a hybrid of a computer with a telephone, often as a PC. And no wonder that it comes with several apps with different functionality. With Voice PRO, you have an advanced voice recorder that fits perfectly with Android. If you want to know more about it, keep reading our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NoteAndroid version: 4.1.2Root: YesModifications: No

App DetailsRoda From: Android 2.2Size: 38 MBOptimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean: YesVoice Pro is the perfect example of how today's devices are multifunctional. Let us begin by analyzing them for their audio functions. Many Android devices already come with an integrated sound recorder, but only with very basic functions. Voice Pro, by contrast, offers many other possibilities: With it, you can pause in the middle of a recording, insert markers at certain points, increase the recording intensity, or choose a resolution based on WAV, MP3, or OGG formats. You can also adjust the recording quality according to the needs of the moment by changing the audio sampling frequency channels and the bit rate. An automatic amplification is available to the user.

Audio quality depends on microphone and application quality. During our tests, the recorded voices had similar music quality. The recording sensitivity control worked very well and the background noise was effectively hidden. However, it is important to note that results should vary from device to device depending on the microphone.

This is just the beginning: the app can do much more than record. You can import music tracks and audio files from internal memory or an external SD card. Below, we list the main functions of the application: ^

  • Equalization, amplification and normalization: With this function, you can balance the bass and treble of a track, turn on Super Bass, turn up the volume and normalize a track.
  • Modify tempo, speed, tone: You can change the tempo of a song, the speed of its playback, or the same tone. All changes can be made separately.
  • Hide voice and reduce noise: An algorithm empirically calculates the voice frequency and erases the track, although this function is not the most accurate. Another useful feature is noise reduction, which can lead to good results.
  • Slow music speed: Reduces track speed and lowers playback tone
  • Preview: Very useful for listening to the result of applying a filter before final editing of a file. Tracks can be saved, renamed and organized in folders. There is a Voice PRO cloud service that lets you rename files in the cloud and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The app also contains an editing function with which you can add more effects to audio tracks, as well as mix them up.

Conclusion:Voice PRO is a great audio editor for Android. Of course, professional audio tools have more features than Voice PRO. However, with it you can make a series of editions of audio files on a mobile device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. Compared to similar apps, the advantage of having Voice PRO lies in its always very fluid and accurate performance.

Screen & Controls

Voice PRO is designed to be 100% compatible with the HOLO design and features a very nice Ice Cream Sandwich style. The screen taken by the colors black, gray, white and blue. The application is quite simple, well designed and with very intuitive and easy controls. There are aspects that can be improved in the main menu and settings, but they are just details that do not even check the smooth running of the app.

Speed ​​& Stability

Voice PRO behaved stably and very fast during our tests. We can even say that its speed surprised us positively. The only problem noted was the fact that the app, although already started and running, restarted without notice.

Price / Performance Ratio

Voice PRO can be purchased for 9.90 or R $ 26.00 here in our App Center. Plugins can be purchased for prices ranging from 1.90 or $ 4.98 to 9.90 ($ 26). They significantly increase the capabilities of the app. As this is our App of the Week (Feb. 18, 2013 – Feb 24, 2013), Voice PRO is only costing 4.99 or about $ 13.10, almost 50% off. If you were looking for an audio editor for your phone, maybe it's time for you to have one.

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