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Voice Changing Apps – 7 Best to Test!

You find a plethora of fun apps for your smartphone, whatever category you like best. One of the biggest hits among users is precisely the applications that are able to modify the voice!

Such programs have different effects and can generate pranks with your voice. There are a variety of sound filters and the possibility of editing can also provide an even more comic result.

Find out which are the 7 best voice switching apps, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each!

7 Best Voice Changer Apps

Voice Switching Applications

For those looking to learn about the features that these voice-changing apps offer, here are the 7 best voice-changing apps listed in alphabetical order.

With them, the game can extend over phone calls and sharing on social networks, such as WhatsApp.

Check out the 7 best voice switching apps now:

Best Voice Changer

The name of the application (in Portuguese you find it as Best Voice Changer) already indicates that the program considers itself as the best application to change voice, mainly because of the ease of recording a sound or selecting an audio file you already have to make the conversion.

In addition to the possibility of sharing the modified voice by the best current social media, the application is completely free.

There are a lot of effects to choose from when changing voice that does not affect the size of the application, which ensures lightness and speed in its operation.

Best Voice Changer app is available for Android systems.

Call voice changer

Call Voice Changer is an application that allows the user to modify the voice during a telephone call, where there is the possibility to add the desired effects on the voice.

The binding test has a limited time of one minute, after which you must buy the minutes package.

The application home screen is a dialer, working the same way as a system dialer. smartphone. After entering the desired number of the person who will suffer from the joke, the user should select one of the voice effects and wait for the call to be answered.

In addition, the user can send sound effects during the call, such as kisses, whistles, crying babies, among others.

Download the free app for Android and iOS.


Available for Android and iOS systems, the third app on the list is one of the most beloved for its usability for nailing friends with real-time phone calls and call recording.

The app ensures voice changing in many amazing effects and can include sounds recorded in real time in the conversation.

International calls are also allowed in the app!

Voice Switching Applications

Funny call

Similar to previous apps, Funny Call is an app available for iOS systems that allows voice switching for both real-time recording and calling.

There are free and paid sound effects, creating special moments through your calls.

Change the voice

For Android systems, the Voice Changer app is one of the oldest, but remains with free news and updates frequently.

Therefore, the application modifies the user's voice very easily and with the addition of various sound effects. After the message has been recorded, you can choose from one of the effect options and play back to see if it is appropriate.

The recording can be sent by social networks, in addition to setting it as a notification sound or even a ringtone.


For iOS only, SceneRecord is an application that not only records voice-changing audio recording, but also lets you take photos while recording, as well as edit, write on photos and other cool features.

There is the auto resume option, where even after a phone call is interrupted, there is audio recognition from another application, that is, you can record a song that is playing in another application.

In voice changing, the user can edit the tone and speed, as well as add various sound effects.

Voice Switching Applications


Snapchat is perhaps the best known of the voice changing apps, after all this is the app responsible for creating the formats of stories.

Through the use of filters for short video recording, the user can find various options that allow voice changing, either to make it more funny and fun or even in lower tones than the original voice of the user.

After recording these short videos using filters, Snapchat allows the user to save or share with whom the user wants.

What do you think of the 7 best voice changing apps? Are there any others you would include on the list or any of these you would remove?