Vodafone joins Facebook, Hi5 and Twitter

Vodafone has just presented a new solution for accessing social networks from your mobile phone, which allows you to receive updates from various services through a single application.

The software is called “All Posts” and is available to all customers of the operator who have phones with Internet connection, without additional costs to the traffic consumed. Provides connection to the accounts of three services: Facebook, Twitter and Hi5, but the company promises to add others to the list, “soon”.

In a statement, the operator states that the application “offers a simplified experience of aggregating the main social networks used in Portugal, maintaining an appealing interface” and supporting the most used features in this type of services, such as status updates, comments or messages .

All Posts.  Image provided by the operator.

“The posts coming from the various social networks associated with the service appear in chronological order and it is possible to reply, comment, retweet or like”, details the company.

The launch of the new aggregator of social networks represents a reinforcement of the operator in the offerings of services for access to social networks from the mobile phone. The company already had the integration provided by Vodafone 360 ​​services, for example, but it is only compatible with some models.

The new application can be accessed from the Vodafone mobile portal (Vodafone live! And Meu Portal), so it can be used on any phone with Internet. It is also possible to request the link to the service by sending an SMS to 12345, with the text “post”.

Services of this kind have also been provided by TMN and Optimus, since the end of 2009, through their platforms aimed at aggregating various online accounts (including social networks), Pond and LifeShare.