Vodafone is the most “green” technology

Vodafone is the greenest technology, according to Tomorrow’s Value Rating (ICT), a table of 20 positions that assesses the sustainability performance of companies operating in the area of ​​information and communication technologies.

The assessment is based on several criteria related to the environmental responsibility of companies and efforts made to develop products and services that support the response to climate change, explains Two Tomorrows Group, the consultant specializing in the area of ​​sustainability that carried out the study.

The score is given as a percentage. Vodafone was the champion, with a rating of 60 percent, followed by Nokia, with 55 percent, and HP, which reached 52 percent.

Among the Top 10 are seven European companies, two Asian and one American. The last place in the table belongs to Verizon (20 percent) and the poor performance of the giants Sony (18th place) and Toshiba (16th) also deserves mention.

According to those responsible for the study, Vodafone stood out for the scope of its policies in this matter and the implementation of mechanisms to deal with environmental sustainability problems.

It was also found that technology companies increasingly recognize the business opportunities associated with the development of products and services that help other sectors to reduce their ecological footprint and the use of their technology to offer services with social added value, in areas such as health or education, for example.

Tomorrow's Value Rating