Anacom Table - Mobile Internet Services

Vodafone is the fastest mobile Internet

Vodafone has the fastest mobile Internet services, according to the National Communications Authority (Anacom). The operator obtains the best rating in terms of speed of download – seen as the main differentiating characteristic – for national servants in the analyzed counties of Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

In its fourth consecutive study to assess the quality of Internet access services using broadband, the regulatory authority states that Vodafone and Optimus have average speeds in download very good and very close to the maximum contracted speed of 2Mbps. In Porto, the values ​​recorded for Vodafone exceed, on average, the maximum contracted value.

“It appears that the average file transfer speeds are higher for Vodafone, in the three municipalities under study, with this difference being more significant in the municipality of Porto, with a record of 2.164kbps”, refers to the study, prepared in partnership with Qmetrics and Ericsson Portugal.

At speed of Upload, we highlight the performances of Optimus in the municipalities of Lisbon and Faro and Vodafone in Porto, where it manages to reach average values ​​above three times the maximum contracted speed.

Anacom Table - Mobile Internet Services

In connection with foreign servers, Vodafone is again leading the way in accessing machines installed in the United Kingdom, but Optimus takes first place with regard to North American servers.

It should be noted that yesterday, an analysis published by Deco / Proteste showed very similar benefits in terms of network coverage and speeds of mobile Internet services in Portugal among the three main operators.

Values ​​for the fixed network

In the fixed network, in relation to national servers, Zon managed to achieve the best IVR value (80.6%), an index of relative speed normalization established by Anacom in order to compare the different commercial offers. Vodafone comes in second, with an IVR of 77.2 percent, and Cabovisão in third, with 70.2 percent.

SAPO leads the way in accessing international servers, with some margin compared to competing operators, achieving an IVR of 50.3 in the case of the USA and 59.5 percent for the United Kingdom.

The Study for the Evaluation of the Quality of Internet Access Services over Broadband is available, in full, for online consultation.