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Vodafone extends mobile speed to 28.8 Mbps with MIMO

Far from the times when the speed of data on the mobile network was measured in Kbps, new technologies are allowing the expansion of the capacity of 3G networks, with increasingly faster transmissions of data in upload and download.

Vodafone demonstrated in Lisbon today that it can get close to a theoretical maximum download speed of 28.8 Mbps using the combination of HSPA and MIMO technology.

The operator’s tests were carried out in a real environment on its network, achieving average download speeds of 22.5 Mbps and maximum of 28.5 Mbps, as shown in the screen image provided by Vodafone.

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Vodafone recently launched the offer of mobile data with speeds up to 21.6 Mbps, in which it has already been accompanied by TMN and Optimus.

The pan-European operator now guarantees that it is already working on making this new upgrade available, which will be placed on the market “as soon as compatible data equipment is available on the market”, which should happen in 2009.