Fusion 11 graphics on MacBook Pro

VMware Fusion 11 lands with Mojave support and new Macs

This year, VMware decided to distance itself from the launch of the new version of the competitor’s operating system virtualizer, Parallels Desktop 14, to announce the update of its own software, the Fusion 11 it’s the Fusion 11 Pro.

Compatible with the latest version of macOS, released this week, Fusion 11 and Fusion 11 Pro allow you to create a virtual machine from hundreds of operating systems, from Linux to Windows. In addition, they support the Metal graphics engine of recent Macs – including the 18-core iMac Pro and the new MacBooks Pro with the 6-core Intel i9 chip.

Fusion 11 graphics on MacBook Pro

With Metal support, the graphics of the software have also been updated to offer compatibility with the DirectX 10.1 – collection of APIs related to game programming on Windows.

In addition, Fusion 11 and Fusion 11 Pro have a new interface to quickly access your account options, change views, settings and even launch Windows applications with just one click. The app menu can be run with or without Fusion, allowing the user to start and control the virtual machine without much work.

Fusion 11 Finder integration

The new integration with the Finder allows users to navigate anywhere between the libraries of the operating systems running. In this version, support was also added to the Windows “drag and drop to print” gesture, which allows you to automatically send any file from the virtual machine to the printer.

As we said, the new version offers support for the new MacBooks Pro, so VMware has included an additional tool to customize the shortcuts on the Touch Bar on these Macs.

Fusion 11 Touch Bar shortcuts

Fusion 11 now uses version 16 of the VMware Virtual Hardware Platform, which contains several improvements in security, performance and stability. Check out all the news and features of Fusion 11 and Fusion 11 Pro on the official VMware blog.

Both new software are now available in the VMware store, including upgrade options if you already have Fusion 8 or higher. Fusion 11, the simplest version of the virtualizer, sells for $ 80; Fusion 11 Pro, which has features designed for advanced users – such as developers – costs $ 160.

via MacRumors