VLC app can stream media via AirPlay – including on Android

Apparently, it's not just physical devices (TVs, in this case) that will gain protocol support Airplay Coming soon: One of the most popular media playback apps in the world is also coming to the party.

In statement Variety, one of the chiefs of development of the VLCJean-Baptiste Kempf shared future plans regarding the application. One of the features that would be coming to the app would be AirPlay support, which would allow users to stream media to Apple TVs or new TVs that will receive protocol support.

The news would be included even in the VLC for Android, allowing for the first time users of the robot system to stream content from their smartphones or tablets to protocol compatible devices. This, of course, we will have to wait to see: Kempf has stated that the feature will be able to reach the app next month, but maybe Apple has something to say about it, since AirPlay is a proprietary technology of its and is not Ma's plans to see her in the system with which she competes.

The announcement was made on stand VideoLAN, the developer of the VLC, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, where the company is celebrating the 3 billion (!) mark of app downloads (across all platforms). Among other plans shared by Kempf are native support for virtual reality devices and a strategy to make the app a more capable alternative to iTunes with simplified transition tools.

Does it roll?

via AppleInsider