Vivo supports Apple Watch with connectivity in business plans

THE Apple Watch with cellular connectivity it works in Brazil, and this is nothing new for anyone. This way, clear and Live support the model – the TIM is in the testing phase – but for that you need to be a customer of a Post or Family plan – any other type of plan is out of the question. I mean, it was: at least at Vivo, that changed.

Some readers of MacMagazine managed to enable the Vivo Sync in business plans, something that until then was not possible. We contacted the operator to clarify the issue and received the following response:

Vivo already provides its Post-Paid plan customers with eSIM enabling for smartwatches for the B2B segment[[business to business]. For corporate customers, the activation of eSIM with synchronization service (Vivo Sync Empresas) can be performed directly by the line user, after authorization by the manager, just having a smartwatch with this feature embedded and approved by Anatel.

In the company’s statement, they imply that the Apple Watch Series 5 purchased in the United States (which has not been approved by Anatel) is not supported. But, as we know, for the first time GPS + Cellular models sold in the USA support bands 3 (1,800MHz) and 7 (2,600MHz) used by operators here in Brazil for 4G – as well as European / Asian models. It is worth mentioning that no model manufactured by Apple supports the band 28 (700MHz APT).

Even without being approved, Individual customers are able to use the American Apple Watch Series 5 in a good way with the Claro / Vivo Sync plans, so there is no reason to believe that in Vivo Sync Empresas this will be different.

At least for individuals, the Vivo Sync service is offered free of charge for a few months. After this initial period, the operator charges R $ 20 / month.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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