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Vivo now supports eSIM and customers can now use the Apple Watch with cellular connectivity! [atualizado: R$20/mês]

Since the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, the first Apple smartwatch model to feature cellular connectivity, Claro was the only Brazilian operator to support the technology Yes it is (an electronic chip with the same capabilities as a traditional SIM card). Claro, even, can support this technology also in iPhones XS, XS Max and XR later this week. But it seems that her reign is over.

Vivo Sync

With the arrival of watchOS 5.2, readers (like Vitor) informed us that they were able to set up the watch with the operator Live and they now have mobile connectivity – they can then make calls, send messages and have access to online content (such as Apple Music) without the need to be next to the iPhone.

Officially, Vivo is not yet listed as a service provider on the Apple Watch page that lists Apple partners in the various countries where the Apple Watch with connectivity is marketed. So far, there is also no information on the Vivo website on the subject.

For those interested, it is good to always remember that the Brazilian models of Apple Watches Series 3 and 4 with cellular connectivity (homologated by Anatel) are the same sold in Europe and Asia. That is, even if you are a Claro or Vivo customer, there is no point trying to set everything up on a watch purchased in the United States, as nothing will work.

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Update, for Rafael Fischmann Mar 28, 2019 at 08:45

Now, an official page on Vivo Sync for Apple Watch is officially on the operator’s website.

More freedom and convenience for youWith Vivo Sync, your Vivo number is connected to the Apple Watch Series 4.

To enjoy the service, you must be a Vivo customer, with an eligible Post or Family plan, and contract the Vivo Sync service online or at any Vivo store. Until June 20, customers will have three months; after that period, the value will be R $ 20 / month.

In other words, Vivo is beating Claro in price; this charge, by Claro sync, R $ 30 / month.

tip from Cláudio Castro