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Vivo (finally) releases WhatsApp in pr with no data franchise discount

The good old competition is undoubtedly beneficial to everyone, including the operator Vivo, who could not resist and finally released WhatsApp to customers Vivo Turbo and Control without deducting anything from the franchise of these plans. This measure will make customers happier, and the company, in turn, has to gain from it.

TIM and Claro had already released WhatsApp free of charge to their customers long ago, and everyone hoped that Vivo would also make the benefit available to their users in the same way, but that's not what happened, it resisted longer. This fact has generated much complaint by many who use the services of the operator.

The benefit will be valid for all active users in Vivo Turbo and Invoice, Pass and Card Control plans, except for plans without Digital Combo (digital service / apps). Customers will be able to send and receive text messages, audio, photos and videos through the app without discounting their franchise. Voice and video calls are no longer valid and continue to be deducted from the data packet.

Another cool news that Vivo brings the promotion in their refills. Prepaid customers who recharge from $ 15 through the My Vivo app now earn 1 GB of bonuses. Offer is valid for any DDD and is valid for seven days. With this news the operator has been trying to improve its offerings to become competitive with its competitors.

And you, do you use Vivo? Did you like the operator news?

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