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Vivo customers can be without signal in So Paulo until tomorrow!

Vivo's customers have been trading the operator's signal in the city of So Paulo since the morning of Friday (10/30). According to users, the signal from the largest mobile phone operator in the country is unavailable, making the use of voice and internet services unfeasible. If you are a Vivo customer, check below for how long you will be without the operator signal.

Vivo So Paulo users started this Friday without the operator network signal on their devices. Several complaints are popping up on social networks and, for lack of instruction, Vivo's Call Center is giving misleading information about the estimated time to normalize this problem. According to a statement issued by the operator to the newspaper So Paulo Sheet, the problem partially affects DDD 11 users, who reside in the capital and metropolitan regions of the city.

The operator said it is working to make the signal available by late afternoon, around 5 pm. However, the information provided by the company's service goes beyond the estimated timeframe, as the statement conveyed by the attendants that the signal will take up to 24 hours to stabilize. That is, following this information, Vivo customers may be up to 24 hours without network on their devices.

We contacted Vivo's Customer Service and were informed that the signal would be available to users by the end of the afternoon. It remains to wait.

What about, do you have this problem too? Does your carrier signal often drop too much?

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