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VivaVideo – 10 Amazing Functions to test this app!

VivaVideo is an app for devices running Android and iOS. This tool lets you create videos from photos available on your smartphone or by capturing images immediately.

This is an interesting application for those looking for a free video editing tool with almost professional effects, beautiful interface and simplified usability.

What are the functions of VivaVideo?

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The application provides several functions, most of them free. By downloading and using VivaVideo you will be able to use the following features:

Video editing

VivaVideo offers various editing tools such as image cropping and mixing, text insertion, stickers, filters, and special effects such as transitions, voiceovers, and background blur.

Sound effects

The VivaVideo user can insert sound effects into the videos, making the custom content more creative. In addition, the app offers several copyright free music for use in assemblies.

Different camera modes

VivaVideo offers the possibility to capture images in three camera modes: normal, slow and fast, which increases the possibility of user creation and allows to customize the content.

Photo film

Want to create a video with photos already available on your smartphone? No problem, VivaVideo has this function! Just select photo movie from the main menu, choose the images you want and the app will create a short slide style video.

Quick view

The application provides the final result of the video quickly, which facilitates the viewing and allows the user to work immediately on any adjustments.

Free special themes

On celebratory days, VivaVideo offers free special effects and themes, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, among others, ideal for those who want to create small videos for specific dates.

Selfie holder

VivaVideo has extra selfie support available to the user who wants to capture their own photos and then create a video or post the images on social networks.

In this support you can find different effects (basic, collage, funny, among others), as well as lenses that allow you to create fun images.

GIPHY Support

With GIPHY support the user can insert stickers and animated GIFs into the videos, which helps to create a unique and fun content without much work.

Exclusive material for youtubers and influencers

The app offers exclusive materials for youtubers and digital influencers, so if you want to venture into this business, VivaVideo has a special content that can help you.

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<h2>Cloud forwarding and sharing</h2>
<li>Made a video and want to store it in the cloud? The app has forwarding functionality for virtual storage. If your idea is to have more convenience to post on social networks, VivaVideo also has the sharing function by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, among others.</li>
<li>How to use VivaVideo?</li>
<li>The application differs in its simple usability, that is, even those who have no experience with video editing apps can use it easily and get used quickly.</li>
<li>The whole simple process: After you download the app, simply open it and register an account. Then a screen will appear where the user must select whether to create videos with photos from the device or open the camera to capture images and edit them.</li>
<li>Once you choose the option you want, the app will make it possible to edit, whether for cropping images, inserting effects and music, among other features provided by VivaVideo.</li>
<li>All edited / created material is available in the My Studio section of the app and can be accessed at any time, as well as uploaded to the cloud or shared on social networks.</li>
<li>How to download VivaVideo</li>
<li>Want to have VivaVideo on your phone? s download the tool for free from the app store of your mobile phone. Here's a walkthrough for this:</li>
<li>Access your smartphone app store;</li>
<li>In the search field, type VivaVideo and tap search;</li>
<li>Select the app and tap install;</li>
<li>Wait for the app to download and install automatically.</li>
<li>Does VivaVideo pay?</li>
<li>The application is available in two versions, free and paid. The difference between both is that in paying the user has more effects and features released. If you want to invest in this option, buy directly from the app.</li>
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