Visual Voice Mail: that coveted unknown

One of the great “revolutionary” innovations of the iPhone announced at Keynote presentation of the device in January 2007 was the Visual Voice Mail (VVM), or in an unofficial translation, a Visual Answering Machine.

However, it is a revolution reserved for a few, as it is the only function of the iPhone that cannot be activated by unlocking, because it depends on a technical structure of the operator (which stores the messages and sends them to the iPhone in the form of a list), making it impossible to enable it on its own.

At Europe, the official operators after being chosen, had to run after the technical implementation of this function, precisely because it is the big differential to unofficially unlocked devices. At France, for example, Orange launched the iPhone in late November, but only managed to make the feature available to its customers in January.

THE Brazil would that function if the iPhone was sold here? No doubt. This is a great argument to attract customers, giving a great power to the operator. For example, it’s not enough to just be a prepaid customer and buy a separate iPhone: VVM only works with “IPhone Plan“, Which generally includes unlimited internet and X amount of hours of communication, in addition to being more expensive.

But what is Visual Voice Mail?

You know when someone calls you, the phone is off and falls into the answering machine? Well, imagine that someone important called, but you already had 7 posts in line (it ALWAYS happened to me!). To hear the latter, you are bound to hear each one messages, isn’t it?

Because with VVM you have a list of messages right on the iPhone and listen only those you want, in the order you want. It’s a real hand on the wheel!

See a demonstration of VVM in action (video in English):

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