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Visit the Natural History Museum in London in virtual format and without leaving your home

Technology may not replace the emotions of an on-site visit, but at least it has the ability to water our curiosity and willingness to plan places we see on the internet. The technology of virtual and augmented reality offers us very pleasant sensations, creating a greater immersion than the simple photographs and videos.

There are many tourist sites that already offer virtual three-dimensional experiences, and the London Natural History Museum is certainly a must-see. Courtesy of Google Arts & Culture. In addition to the displayed works of art, which include dinosaur skeletons, fossils and other elements of the planet's history, there are about 80 million specimens to discover.

The visit also includes narrations made by the researchers and curators of the museum and there are novelties, such as a prehistoric marine reptile reproduced in virtual reality. Users can watch a short film about the museum's pioneering investigation, as well as its various works galleries, built by the same Google team responsible for Street View.