Virus for Linux could kill your TV

New virus for Linux infects non-computer devices

Virus for Linux can affect things with internet access

Viruses are usually associated with computers, but in recent years the growing mobile devices have brought "virtual pest makers" to other platforms. Luckily most of these devices run Linux, or a variant of it, such as Android, which adds an extra security factor.

Virus on Linux

And now the new trend is "things" with internet access, security cameras, appliances etc, usually these devices carry a modified version of Linux just to allow internet access and other device-specific functions, so these systems are only apparently safe, but Symantec, a digital security firm, has discovered a new Linux virus that targets this type of device, the virus name Linux.Darlloz and can infect everything from routers to industrial systems.

According to researcher Kaoru Hayashi in a blog post from the security company, Linux.Darlloz takes advantage of an 18-month operating system vulnerability presented in the web interface of the initial device settings. These systems usually have simple usernames and passwords, such as admin or 12345, and the virus tries to perform various combinations like these to gain access to the device.

In case it encounters a vulnerable target, Linux.Darlloz downloads the malicious file from a server on which it is hosted and then runs itself. Once this is done, it creates the directories that will be used and then seeks to remove remote access from the infected machine by destroying running processes such as Telnet..

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