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Virus asks ransom to unlock Android devices

Criminals began targeting smartphones using ransomware viruses. Disguised as an antivirus program, malware locks your phone until you pay a ransom to criminals. After you pay, you receive an unlock code and can continue to use your phone as normal.

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Every day more and more viruses appear for Android devices. / Robbert van der Steeg @Flickr

Fake antivirus programs are well known on computers, but now they also target smartphones, especially those with Android.

Discovered by Symantec, the "hijacker application" is called Android defend app, which should not be confused with the legitimate app of the same name. Once the app is installed, it can be very difficult to remove depending on your version of Android. The app prevents the user from launching other applications and also changes the operating system settings, so the user cannot reset the settings. You must then reset using the PC program provided by the cellphone producer.

A video showing how the fake Android defend app controls the phone was published by the Symantec website.

To keep yourself safe from these threats, always have a trusted antivirus installed on your smartphone, and be very careful when downloading apps not on the Google Play Store.

Has your cell phone already caught a virus? How about telling us how you got rid of him?

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