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Virus Alert! Flappy Bird Pirates Steal Money From Users

He had promised that he would not give up his sleeve if Flappy Bird was removed from the Play Store. But the thing now seems more serious than distributing a gallery of generic game applications. According to the digital security company, Trend Micro, Unofficial versions of the game are available for download and may steal data and money from users who installed the app from third party apks.

teaser flappy bird addict
Now you can get real headaches from Flappy Bird! / AndroidPIT / Shutterstock /

First of all, I need to say that this security alert is not related to apps downloaded directly from the Play Store, only to app packages found over the network. However, be aware that even if you have contact with the game's APK, you will be asked to accept the game's permissions before downloading it completely. At this time, do not be flustered and leave by clicking on all "ok", read what are the "ALL" permissions before installing the app. Thus, you avoid surprises such as "sending messages" that can cost money.

flappy bird virus
Be careful what kind of permission you are accepting when installing an app via internet apks! / Trend Micro
flappy bird virus security apk
Pirate versions of Flappy Bird use the messaging app to send SMS that can cause extra expense to your mobile plan! / Trend Micro

In addition to paying attention to this, the publication indicates that users should avoid malicious files such as ANDROIDOS_AGENT.HBTF, ANDROIDOS_OPFAKE.HATC and ANDROIDOS_SMSREG.HAT.

That said, know that there are much easier ways to have the game, use your creativity and a friend who has the official version installed!

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