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It's been a while since we've been reviewing games around here. After presenting the app of the week, we decided to talk about games. This is Virtual Table Tennis 3D. The question that always remains: was the successful transition from ping pong (or table tennis) to touchscreens? To what extent can Virtual Table Tennis 3D be compared to real table tennis? Follow this analysis and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

As much as touchscreens are nowadays beloved, it should be said that it is a big challenge to develop touchscreen games with good controls. And playing ping pong on your computer or console is no longer the simplest thing to imagine. And on a touchscreen: would it be possible? The fact that the developers of Virtual Table Tennis 3D did a good job, even though many might still think ping pong was not meant to be played on smartphones.

The creative minds behind this project took their time and paid attention to detail, aiming to include in the game the nuances of that sport. For example, you can hit the ball with force if you pick it up. You can even give the backspin effect to your hit. And for that just wait a special bar. Double tap the screen before your next move is done. They are undoubtedly very good solutions for the controls and ultimately work very well.

In total, the game has three levels of difficulty. The first level is recommended for beginners as levels become progressively more difficult. And the higher the level of the game, the faster things get! There are no other options besides the difficulty level, the sound and the vibration. Unfortunately there are no options such as being able to choose a specific racket or determining how many points the game should have (games are won by those who reach 11 points). Unlike Darts 3D, however, Virtual Table Tennis 3D lacks a multiplayer module, which could further elevate the ranking of this game.


Virtual Table Tennis 3D doesn't have a very diverse range of options, but it is undoubtedly the best option for those who want to play ping pong on the phone. So if any of you were looking for a classic formula for a smartphone ping pong game, here is the best suggestion.

Screen & Controls

Some of what Virtual Table Tennis 3D controls can do has been described earlier. The basics boils down to moving your fingers right or left on your phone screen. And to hit the ball, move your finger up the screen. The game requires the player to react in record time. The controls are suitable for this. And it all happens in 3D, which is actually very good. But it must be said: a basic 3D.

Speed ​​& Stability

Virtual Table Tennis 3D crashed once during our test. But in general the game worked stably, quickly and without slowness.

Price / Performance Ratio

Free Virtual Table Tennis 3D is available from the Android Market. Little problem: The game contains those unwanted ads and banners from Android Market …

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