VirnetX has another victory over Apple with two patents revalidation

If you have completely lost your way in the court battle Apple and the VirnetXI understand: the imbroglio has been unfolding in American justice for years, with victories and defeats alternating between the two sides.

In the latest news from the case last January, Ma had asked the United States Court of Appeals to reconsider the payment of $ 439 million that had been forced to pay competitor for alleged patent infringements. Today, however, one more decision has made Apple's situation even more complicated.

In 2016, the US Patent and Trademark Judgment and Appeals Panel (United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO) had judged that four VirnetX patents were not valid as they did not represent inventions per se, but this week, as the Yahoo Finance, the Court of Appeals issued an opinion on two of these patents, stating that the decision of the lower sphere was incorrect and that they are indeed valid.

The two patents in question, Nos. 6,502,135 and 7,490,151, relate to communication systems on the Internet and via servers, establishing secure connection protocols. VirnetX claims that Apple has infringed its intellectual property on services such as FaceTimeBut the final decision on the claim has not yet been made even after nine years of court!

The recent ruling by the Court of Appeals, however, strengthens the company's position in the dispute. In addition to being able to sue Apple for these two patents, VirnetX has gained even greater force to demand that Ma pay the $ 439 million determined by US justice.

Apple, as usual, has not commented on the case but we will be watching for the next developments of the novel.

via AppleInsider