Virgin Orbit successfully takes rocket to the sky "hitchhiking" from an airplane. The next phase is take-off in the air

Virgin Orbit is ready for a demonstration of an air rocket launch soon. After the success of the test in California with its plane Cosmic Girl, which took to the sky, the rocket LauncherOne test in California, the company is preparing for the next step.

Instead of launching rockets vertically from the ground, like most other companies, Virgin Orbit plans to launch them directly from the air. To this end, it relies on the help of Cosmic Girl, which has proven to be able to transport rockets into the sky for take-off. In previous tests, the fuel in the aircraft tanks was water, but this time the company opted for liquid nitrogen.

The plan is to have the plane fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet (10.6 km) and, from there, LauncherOne should take off directly from the wing. Your main engine will then be activated, leaving the rest of the trip to space on your own.

Given the success of the demonstration, the company guarantees a launch test soon, and a date has not yet been set. The COVID-19 pandemic also forced the company to opt for changes and more than 90% of employees are working remotely.