Vimeo launches application for macOS, integrating service with Final Cut Pro

O Vimeo the second largest video site in the world and the favorite among videographers, editors and small filmmakers due to its philosophy of focus on content and tradition of bringing new technologies into the first place, it was, for example, the first video sharing site to support HD reproduction, as well as abandoning Flash in for an HTML5 player.

Now, the site is introducing a new feature that should be very pleasing to video professionals who use Macs for their work (that is, basically everyone): Vimeo for macOS the first platform application for Ma's desktop operating system, and its main function is to integrate the service into Final Cut Pro X you just got a nice update, letā€™s make the export and upload process much easier and faster.

Vimeo app icon - Video management

It is true that Apple's professional video editor already offered the possibility to export his work automatically to Vimeo, but the options did not go much further than that; with the new utility, FCPX users get an exclusive sharing tab for the platform, with direct to various options for selecting codecs (including ProRes), resolution, frame rate, custom metadata and subtitles (even multiple).

In addition, it is possible to upload several files / projects simultaneously and get the links for sharing the previous one, still in the FCPX interface. The utility also adds a Vimeo icon to the macOS menu bar, where the user can follow the process of submitting their projects and their notifications, as well as performing basic settings.

Vimeo for macOS is available for free on the Mac App Store.

via 9to5Mac