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Vigo Video – Learn How to Use and Make Money with the Video App

Vigo Video is an app for you that likes to watch making short videos dancing or talking funny things. Each post can be up to 15 seconds long and it works like a social network that instead of you posting photos, you post your videos.

This app has been so successful that many people are already working on it, spreading it on their networks and also reaching a very large number of likes and followers. In addition it can be downloaded on any type of system.

How it works?

You can record or edit an existing video. The app gives you several options to optimize it, such as music, effects, and clipping options. Be creative and innovate when editing!

How do you make money?

After you have a significant number of videos, they start surrendering and giving you money. It works like this: Like any other social network, it can give you likes, followers and sharing, however, that's not what makes you get money, it's flames. So objective when posting on Vigo Video to win several Flames. Each of them has a dollar value, so the more they accumulate, the more money you earn.

How to get money from the app?

After you accumulate several frames, the app shows you how much money you managed to raise. To receive this amount, you need to have a PayPal account, because here you will be able to redeem the promised amount.

How to win several flames?

According to Vigovideo, flames They are data from agreements with the most relevant videos, that is, if your content has a lot of traffic and number of clicks, you automatically get them. The biggest tip is to make the video look beautiful and attractive to make people want to click.


  • It can bring you profit by becoming a source of income;
  • Lets you meet several people;
  • You can use editing options to produce some videos;
  • It has no cost.


  • It takes time for you to reach an amount of
  • Your videos cannot exceed more than 15 seconds;
  • Only effects that the app offers you can be used.