View compressed ZIP files in the native Notes application

File management on iOS is quite different from how we do it on a computer. While on Windows and Mac we have folders and directories to store our files and can manipulate them directly, on iOS these files are hardly visible to the user, always needing a specific application to open them. This makes everyday acts, such as opening ZIP files downloaded from a website, not so easy. Safari cannot manage them and you are usually required to install an independent tool to deal with them, such as the great Documents.

But in iOS 9, Apple implemented a native way of handling ZIP files. It is not yet the way we do it on the computer, but it helps when we don’t have other applications installed.

The application Grades has gained a redesign in iOS 9 and, among the new functions, is now able to view the inside of compressed files in ZIP. To do this, just ask to open the file in it. See how:

Step 1: In Safari on your iPhone or iPad, download the compressed file (as an example, you can use this one to see how it works). Since the iOS browser does not support file downloads, the option “Open with…“.


Step 2: The sharing menu then appears. Find the application icon Grades and touch it.


Step 3: The ZIP file will be added as a note. You can write descriptive text if you want.


Step 4: After that, open the native Notes application and search for the newly created note, with the ZIP attached. Touch the file and you will see its contents, without having to unzip it.


Using the share button, you can save or open each file individually in other applications, such as Dropbox, Word, etc. (without necessarily having to save the entire ZIP). It’s practical.

Of course it is not as good as an app dedicated specifically for managing files, but it is an option for when you don’t have any of them installed and you want to manipulate compressed files. Knowledge is never too much. ?

via iDownloadBlog