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VideoShow App – How Does It Work? Download, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages

VideoShow is a free video editing app for smartphones. With a host of editing capabilities, from cropping video to compressing it, VideoShow is a good choice for those looking for convenience and versatility, allowing the user to edit their video anytime, anywhere, all at the cutting edge. your fingers!

How to download?

Video Show APP

Available for Android and iOS, downloads can easily be downloaded from the app stores of each operating system: PlayStore for Android devices, and iTunes for iOS devices such as iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that the free download. However, the application has some features available only by subscription.

What functions does the app offer?

  • Video clipping tool;
  • Video compression process, allowing you to reduce the size of your video;
  • Video to MP3 converter;
  • Lots of themes, filters and effects available for you to aesthetically enhance your video;
  • Subtitling option, with a number of fonts and sizes;
  • Options of music licensed for you to add to your video;

How it works?

The app is quite popular and really features a lot of free functions, allowing you to produce Video Show APPIt's a semi-professional quality video. The user-friendly interface, being easy to use and quite intuitive.

The app, however, has the limitations of the free version. Videos edited in the free version cannot be exported at 1080P resolution, and the app has a number of limitations on video adjustments that other apps make available for free. In addition, videos produced with the free version are watermarked.

Another application problem is the need to install parallel applications to allow, for example, file conversion and compression, taking up more space and polluting the phone menu.

The subscription option, in addition to enabling 1080P export, more advanced editing tools and unmarked video, also offers features such as ad blocking, GIF file export, voice changing applications, a flood of effects, more styles and themes, plus other functions.

The subscription price is a bit salty. As of April 2019, the annual subscription is $ 82.99 and the definitive purchase is $ 149.99.

In addition, some users report performance issues such as the application closing unexpectedly in the middle of editing, overheating of the device and even cases of irreparable file loss.


  • Free verse;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Basic functional editing tools;
  • A series of free effects, themes and styles;
  • MP3 video compression and conversion tool;
  • Free music to embed in the video;
  • Voice effect, advanced video adjustments, 1080p export and GIF format, but only in paid version;
  • 3 days free trial of the full version.

Video Show APP

Negative points

  • Watermark on free version;
  • High subscription price for the amount of functions;
  • Limitation of editing tools in the free version;
  • Users report performance issues, device warming, file loss, and subscription cancellation issues.