Videos show alleged production of "iPhone 8" at Foxconn; new color would be called “blush gold”

As if it wasn't enough for someone to step on the ball with the firmware HomePod, now leaked images of what would be the production of iPhone 8 on Foxconn, published on the Chinese social network Weibo and shared by Benjamin Geskin.

Foxconn factory videos show what would be the back of the # iPhone8 (1).

The first video (above) shows a variety of devices apparently being polished quite randomly. As suggested by 9to5MacThis would not really be the treatment we could expect in an Apple product factory.

The second video, even smaller, shows us several devices that are also randomly arranged and quite messy for what we expect from an Apple standard.

Although the quality of the images is not so good, we can see that the rear camera scheme goes with the rumors. However, the color looks a bit more gray than black, and you can't see the apple on the back.

Another big evidence against these images would be the fact that Foxconn has a fairly strict handset policy within its factories and the video seems to have been recorded without any problem and none of the employees caring.

Maybe you might think: But who would be crazy to create such a structure with fake iPhones? Now, my dear, do not underestimate the influence of Apple. While we just cover what's new in the Apple world, there are people literally doing business on top of units. dummies because they know there are those who buy them.

If the images were false, I can only stop imagining an employee who knows the structure of a Ma factory making a lot of fun at these videos. If they are real, it seems that someone needs to improve care with the devices in the factory! 😝

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Still talking about the alleged iPhone 8, recently Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) analyst said the device would be sold in three different colors: black, silver and gold.

However, unlike what we suppose, this speech does not contradict the existence of such a golden copper option. O 9to5Mac suggested that this option, previously called copper gold (golden copper) would be the golden option suggested by Kuo. Now Benjamin Geskin has suggested that color does exist, but it would be called blush gold (something like or gold blush) and would have options of 64GB and 128GB.

Foxconn's internal name of the new # iPhone8 color Blush gold (). Barcode speaks Blush Gold 64GB / 128GB

The English name is still a little uncertain, since Geskin stated that he would not be able to translate exactly those Chinese ideograms a user suggested, for example, meaning cheek.

Although he has previously cited a number of information that seems to be reliable, it is worth remembering that Geskin also shared the alleged Foxconn production videos (which are fake-faced). So you know how hot his information is.

via Cult of Mac