Videos: How to use the Sleep (Use Time) feature, the Photos app, and more!

Tips and tutorials are always welcome, right? Apple knows this and for some time now has been posting on its YouTube channel a number of such content. Here are the latest ones, covering not only iOS but also macOS:

Using Sleep Time

Take time to do everything you like with the Sleep feature. Here's how to schedule breaks on iPhone or iPad to help you relax or focus on other things.

How to use Photos on iPhone

Find out how to use Photos on iOS 12. Here's how to quickly find your favorite photos and share them with who you like. See who commented on your shared albums and find photos you've taken at shows and events. They will be automatically organized as they appear in them, such as animals or sports.

How to edit photos on Mac

Mac editing tools help make your photos even more amazing. Learn how to enhance your photos and adjust lighting, color, contrast and more. You can also rotate and cut until it looks just the way you want it.

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Here in the Of course, you will find many tips and tutorials not only from iOS and MacOS, but also from watchOS and tvOS. Be sure to check it out! 😉