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Videos: how artists created posters for the Apple TV + series using the dual iPad Pro and Pencil

Today, Apple has such a large and, to a certain extent, diverse ecosystem that gives it the possibility to promote the artistic capabilities of the duo. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil while highlighting his productions from Apple TV +.

In its most recent videos published on YouTube, the company shows how artists use the tablet and pencil to make the posters of the original series of their service streaming of videos.

Check out the videos below:

Illustrator and digital painter Janice Sung discusses the inspiration and creative process of her new poster for the [série] original Apple TV +, “Dickinson”, starring Hailee Steinfield. Learn about her style and how she used the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to bring her latest vision to life.

The duo of designers and illustrators Justin and Paige details the creation of their two new posters for [a série] original Apple TV +, “For All Mankind”. Learn the creative process of two art professionals on posters and how they took an entire series and placed it in a single image with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The videos are not by chance: this week, the company started offering sessions from Today at Apple precisely focused on how some posters from the Apple TV + series were created.

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The first sessions were focused on productions “For All Mankind” and “See”, but since we already have videos from the series “Dickinson”, is quite capable of other sessions coming up soon.


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